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An account of the life of Omari Hardwick wife Jennifer Pfautch

Omari Hardwick Latif is a natural actor of the United States very famous by its papers in series of television like Saved, Being Mary Jane, CSI, and Dark Blue; He has also participated in several renowned films shoots such as Kick-Ass, Miracle at St. Anna produced by Spike Lee, and The A-Team. From 2014 to the present, he is part of the crime and drama television series, Power, in which he plays the role of James “Ghost” St. Patrick.

Despite her success on the screen, her private life has been widely criticized since 2012, when she decided to marry Jennifer Pfautch. The critics of the fanatics of the actor were based on the fact of being an interracial relationship and also, considered that Omari Hardwick wife Jennifer Pfautch was not good-looking enough for him. Fortunately, this has not prevented them from making a living and forming a happy family with their two young children. For that reason, a short story will be given below about Omari Hardwick wife Jennifer Pfautch, who is undoubtedly a woman full of virtues and talents.

Jennifer Pfautch serves as producer and publicist in several famous companies in the city of Hollywood. However, she also runs her own website. This is made up of five segments in which it deals with different topics. The main one is totally biographical, where she also shows herself as Omari Hardwick wife Jennifer Pfautch sharing personal and family experiences.

Likewise, she dedicates another section to food, in which she is responsible for praising food for inspiration and thought, as well as healthy food. On the other hand, you can find incredible stories and essays with motivating, inspiring and full of encouragement content.
The net worth of the estate of Omari Hardwick wife Jennifer Pfautch is not known exactly, as the couple has always tried to keep these issues as private as possible. Therefore, according to the information that some duly authorized sources show, it is estimated that the family accumulates around 1.5 million dollars. To know more, it is recommended to visit

November 6, 2018