Brim 2018: the pros and cons of the program

Before jumping to the pros and cons section, let’s try to understand what brim 2018 is. It is one of the controversial program introduced by the Malaysian government in the year 2012. The aim of this scheme was to help the people in poverty in buying properties and affording high living costs. The initial definition of the scheme might look like it is one of the best initiatives of the government, but the truth says something else. The program is not as good as it seems and is plagued with inner politics and unfair practices. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Br1m 2018 in brief
The program offers a onetime money of RM500 to the eligible Malaysian people. Eligible people include everyone with dependencies, individuals, senior citizens or the single parents. Even married people can utilize this scheme, provided that their household income is not more than RM4000. A lot of people has been benefited utilizing this scheme over time. However, there are people who argue about the scheme as well. As of now, the program has been renewed for 2018 and is now known as br1m 2018.
• Helps people who couldn’t afford high rents
• Helps people in buying own house, flats, etc.
• Helps people with dependencies. Senior citizens and single parents benefit most from it.
• Helps individuals staying alone or with a single parent

• Sometimes, due to corrupt policies, the legal eligible people don’t get the money from the scheme
• Delayed fund deliveries
• A lot of people argues that the scheme makes people dependent on someone forever. They lose the ability to work for themselves and earn money.
The renewed program procedure hasn’t changed much. All the eligible Malaysian people will get the benefits of it. The registered users will get the fund automatically credited to their bank account. For more information, you can check the other semakan brim 2018.