How to decide the kind of Housemaid (女傭) that you need

It is not strange today that many people run a very busy schedule. People, men, and women get busy with career, business, and other activities. People who run such tight schedules hardly have the time for household chores. They hardly have time for their domestic activities. Such activities as cooking, cleaning and moping, and taking care of the kids. Such people’s home won’t be clean without employing a Housemaid (女傭).

If you are one of such busy people, hiring a maid may save your home from being a mess. The maid can help keep your home cleaned regularly. Apart from the regular cleaning duties, they also help solve many other problems. The maid can well babysit for you. There are some important errands that you can still send your maid. Although, this depends on the relationship and how much you trust her. This will help you free your mind because there really is nothing much to worry about. Everything is taken care of.

There are generally three types of maid based on the level of training. The training is what she can acquire by herself before or on-the-job. The training can be given by the agency she works for or personally. These levels are:
• The untrained maids
These are first-time maids. They have never worked anywhere as a maid before.
• The semi-trained maid
They have a limited scope of experience. There is a limit to what you can ask them for and do perfectly. They are only good for some certain task.
• Professional/trained maids
These ones have vast experience. They can do a very wide range of household chores and other domestic activities.
Of these three groups, the professionals are the best option. But whom you request for actually will depend on the type of task you have for them. Also, it is key to consider is how much it will cost to have any of them.