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You need to create your own avatar in the game after installing the application. You need to collect the pokecoins as many as possible within a very short period of time. You need to go to the pokestops in order to get the eggs, balls and the lure modules. You can attract the wild Pokémon’s with the lure modules in order to catch them. You need to use the right poke balls to catch the characters without any difficulty.

Reviews of pokecoins:
• There are mixed reviews about the game. Some people have expressed their positive feedbacks whereas others with negative.
• You need to think properly in all ways possible so as to get the best option for you to play the game.
• You need to go through the reviews thoroughly so that you can make out the differences and approach a conclusion.
• You need to be safe while playing the game. The safety is the very first important step towards playing the game.
In order to increase the power of the characters you can use the stardust and candies. You need to use the right force, flicking techniques and the correct timings so that you can capture and catch all the 151 Pokémon’s and finish the game. There are very few people who have completed the game. You can always use free pokemon coins for your purpose.

• The reviews are very important as they will be the guidelines towards your success while playing the game.
• Play the game and gain experiences. If you think that it is bad then you should stop playing immediately.
Apart from the above provided disadvantages there are no such problems in the game. The game is specially designed for iOS and android devices. If you are having either of the operating systems you can start playing pokemon go right away by downloading the application from the play stores. click here to get more information