Tenofovir: preventing you from HIV

Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome, a deadly virus which when enters human body reduces the immune system of the person. Tenofovir acts as HIV preventive for you. HIV infected people generally do not face anything extraordinary. You may just feel like having a cold and flu. This is the primary symptom, and most people fail to understand it. Some of the common symptoms of HIV include:

• Quite severe Headaches
• You may feel like Nausea and vomiting
• Muscle and joint pains
• Mouth ulcers and sore throat
• Rashes and fever
• You may lose weight
• Swollen lymph nodes

How can you control or prevent yourself from getting infected by HIV?
Daily consumption of Truvada has been proved to be very effective, and it reduces the risk of getting HIV infections by more or less 95% through sexual intercourse. By intake of this medicine, you are not curing HIV by you are preventing this deadly virus from making a nest inside your body. This is a preventive medicine and should be consumed regularly, with missed doses you can get more prone towards getting HIV.
Now you might be thinking that you have to continue taking these pills throughout your life. But, that is not the case you can, of course, consult your medical advisor and tell him about your physical relationships so that he can advise you after he is fully informed.
Truvada Australia can lead to a number of side effects like
• You may feel tired and weakness in your body
• You may experience a burning sensation in your mouth and face
• You may get psychological problems like sadness and emptiness
• You may also experience chest pains, heartburn and acidity

Therefore, you should always consult your doctor before taking truvada tenofovir because he will know what suits you and what do not, as different bodies react to different drugs in different ways.