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Thanks to LINKING NEWS you can have the Best Press Release Distribution Service

The media have a great impact and influence within society, due to its capacity for persuasion and reach. Therefore, companies and businesses in general have opted to issue company announcements as a way to interact with the public, clarifying the innovations, projects and new ideas that these companies are developing. In this way, they have been able to reach a wider audience, generating more interest in their brands, products and services.

Therefore, it is important for companies to have a press release distribution services that allows them to establish the link between the media and the company in question. This way, they can guarantee the publication and scope of their communications.In this way, LINKING NEWS offers an excellent press release service both in the writing and in the distribution of these, they are the best option, since they have a fully guaranteed scope with more than 10,000 media and more than 30,000 journalists, what allows them to ensure a greater impact for your communications.

In addition, the service offered by LINKING NEWS is unmatched because they are among the largest news networks in the world such as ABC, Reuters, NBC, Fox, among others, which are highly reliable and have a large number of readers around the world. In turn, they do not impose any type of labels on your communications within the press release distribution, ensuring that your competition does not know what agencies you use, and ensuring total exclusivity of the service. Also, the scope is global because of the large number of media LINKING NEWS has, especially in China, making the Asian market a great goal for your products.In short, LINKING NEWS is undoubtedly best press release distribution service, for the public to increase their confidence in your product while you increase your visibility and reach around the world, with the most media, journalists and social networks.

January 8, 2019