Top unique aspects a maid agency should have

It is not easy to know which maid agency is good or which is bad. This is because all maid agencies present themselves as the best in the industry. For an employer who is looking for a foreign domestic helper(外傭), the most important step is for the employer to figure out certain aspects that make the maid agency unique. One aspect to figure out is employee retention. It is very important that a maid agency should have a high rate of employee retention. The number of maids retained by the agency in a span of one year speaks volumes about the agency’s professionalism.

In essence, a higher retention rate simply means that the employees who have been recruited through the agency and employed have always stuck with their respective employers. A higher retention rate also means that the agency’s maids perform their duties professionally, thus the reason why employers have decided to continue using their services. A higher retention rate should be somewhere between 70% and 99%. The second aspect that makes a housemaid agency unique is an experience. The number of years the housemaid agency has worked in the industry always determines how the agency understands the needs of their clients.
With experience, the maid agency (女傭) will be in a good position to change anytime there are changes in the market such as regulations. A well-experienced maid agency means that an employer will be able to work with a firm that meets their needs. Employers should consider maid agencies that have been in the industry for five years and had a retention rate of over 70%. It is also important for employers to do a background check to know how the agency has been conducting itself throughout the years in business and how customers have been responding to the agency’s services.