What Can A Managed Services Provider Offer Your Company?

Managed Service Providers (MSP) has been around since the 1990s. Today there are hundreds of them worldwide with each of them offering a mixed-bag of services. An MSP is usually an IT company that provides a business with several managed services that they specifically require.

Implementing managed services can have a lot of advantages. It can help companies stay updated on new technology and keep quality, cost, services, and risk in check.
MSPs usually work around connectivity, security, bandwidth, network monitoring, databases, storage, communications, mobility, technical support and disaster recovery.
An MSP doesn’t always have to be a technology-based company. Managed services can center on water, transportation, media marketing, power, etc.
What services does an MSP offer
1. Security
MSPs can provide for vulnerability and penetration checks for a system. They can create simulated hacking attacks ona system and diagnose the vulnerabilities. They can also assess the strength of a system by doing a penetration test.
2. Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring enables an MSP to keep track of all anomalies in a network and eventually warn the system in case of a hacking attack.
3. Cloud Computing
Cloud computing has come into existence since the 2000s. They have seen a rapid rise since 2008. Use of hybrid cloud systems has also seen a significant increase in the recent years.

MSPs often provide clients with their own cloud services or sometimes act as brokers for cloud service providers.
4. Communications
Managed communications can be more challenging than any other managed services. Communications are considered critical for a business which requires specialists at the helm. MSPs provide unified communications systemto clientsandmake the job a whole lot simpler.
Managed Service Providers offer their services to their clients with a transition fee at first and then a fixed fee for every month. Sometimes they also acquire personnel for their clients.
A lot of Fortune 500 companies have used MSPs.